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Bringing Asean Property Agents Online and to Global Heights.

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World Largest Property Agency Platform.

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An investment company which manages a real estate mobile platform and any investments related to technology as well as commercial investments. We are looking for collaboration partners. Join us now!

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Transforms the real estate industry and globally connects all property agents together.

Wonderbucks Berhad

WonderbucksBerhad was established in March 2015.

WonderbucksBerhad focuses in property or real estate investment utilizing the mobile platform. The mobile application is aimed at solving current difficulties and challenges related to real estate deals. With the aim to be the world's no.1 real estate collaboration network, Wonderbucks conducts continuous research and constantly finds the latest solution for real estate professionals.

WonderbucksBerhad core competencies are based on 5 major elements which are our big data technology capabilities, O2O business model, in-depth marketing insights, an experienced programming team and not mentioning our young, progressive and flexible team. In the current era that we are in where technology is exponentially growing, it sparks revolutions in every aspect of our lives. With big data technologies, we are able to reach a further audience and at the same gain more insights regarding out target market. It is able to deliver more solutions and directly creates more value for the brand name. Behind this great technology, there is an experienced, passionate and energetic team that drives this start-up engine. They consist of real estate professionals, programming experts, online marketers and most importantly, IPO experts. Wonderbucks is looking to listed on NASDAQ exchange board in 2018.

WonderbucksBerhad is in the development stage of 4 different platforms – Real Estate Co-Broke Platform, Real Estate Management Platform, Matching Platform and Value Supply Chain Platform. The very first project, Wonderlist, which is the real estate co-broking platform has already entered the market in May 2015 with a bang. When you think of real estate, you will certainly think of Wonderbucks. Real estate agents can now breakthrough the international boundaries between countries. By using Wonderlist, boundaries are broken down as real estate transactions can be done with a matter of ease. No matter where you are, as long as you have a smartphone, you can go on with real estate transactions. The Wonderbucks vision is to create value for real estate professionals by using big data technology assisting to target the right audience.


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